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    Arm lift

Arm lift - Brachioplasty in Lausanne

Arm lift - Brachioplasty in Lausanne

Useful information

Who is it for?

Excess skin and fat on the arms


Type of hospitalization


Duration of the procedure

1 to 2 hours


Type of anesthesia

Local or general

Duration of results



Duration of social eviction

3 to 10 days


From CHF 9800





Arm lift or brachioplasty is the surgical solutionto sagging skin on the arms. Aging and weight fluctuations can affect the appearance of your arms and make them look loose or wrinkled. These changes cannot be corrected by exercise.


Brachioplasty is indicated when you are looking to reduce excess skin and fat in the upper and posterior arms.

At Global Plastic Surgery, you will be considered a candidate for this procedure if you have a positive outlook and realistic goals, so that the selected procedure can be successfully achieved. If you are a non-smoker or quit smoking at least 1 month prior to the procedure, the results will be more predictable, however if you are unable to quit smoking, complications should be expected and the procedure may be suspended.

At Global Plastic Surgery, surgical candidates are also committed to a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and physical activity.


The length and position of the incision depends on the amount and location of excess skin and fat. Usually, the incision is placed in the inner or back of the arm and can extend from the armpit to the elbow. Isolated excess fat with good skin tone can be resolved by liposuction alone. The operation is performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient or inpatient facility.


By combining the Renuvion® technique (plasma technology laser) with liposuction of the arms, a contraction/retraction of 30-40% of the skin can be achieved.

At Global Plastic Surgery, we were the first to adapt this technique, which reduces scars and improves the quality and elasticity of the skin in a lasting way.

By applying the Renuvion® plasma laser, Global Plastic Surgery achieves the same results that were previously only possible with long scars, thanks to the skin retraction induced by this technology. Thanks to the Renuvion® laser, results are long-lasting and recovery time is reduced.

An arm lift without scars is now possible at Global Plastic Surgery!


At Global Plastic Surgery, it is not necessary to remove the threads after this surgery. A dressing will be required for approximately 2 weeks. Patients will receive elastic garments to support the skin and underlying tissues during healing. Normal work-related activities can be resumed after 1 week; however, 2-6 weeks will be required to resume sports depending on the technique used.


Results become evident shortly after surgery, although some time is needed for the tissues to heal and the swelling to subside. Results are long-lasting, provided your weight is stable and you maintain a healthy lifestyle. An additional surgical procedure may be required to achieve optimal results.


At Global Plastic Surgery, all possible risks and complications will be discussed extensively with you prior to the surgery date. After extensive consultations with your surgeon, you will decide if the potential risks and complications as well as the benefits are acceptable to you.

What is the price of this type of surgery?

The price of the procedure depends mainly on the areas to be treated, the operating time and the choice of anesthesia. The price for an arm plastic surgery starts at 8000 CHF.

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