• The plastic surgery clinic in Lausanne

The clinic of plastic surgery in Lausanne

The practice is ideally located in the heart of Lausanne, in the prestigious Clinique de la Source. Dr. Scherer and Dr. Pietramaggiori welcome you for consultations as well as for the performance of various medical procedures. Surgical procedures are performed in the main building of the Clinique de la Source, located right next to the practice. This private clinic has an intensive care unit and modern operating rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The medical team can also operate at the Montchoisi Clinic.


Global Plastic and Migraine surgery Center offers you personalized solutions to your aesthetic and pain management needs.

Our mission is to enhance your natural beauty, help you age harmoniously and reduce the pain you experience by treating you with the best techniques and technologies.

We are constantly monitoring developments and innovations in medicine and surgery in order to offer you the best treatment available today.

An operation can be a stressful time for the patient. Your well-being is at the heart of our concerns and we accompany you so that you live this moment serenely.

We are committed to providing new patients with an appointment within a maximum of two weeks from the date of first contact.

A trusted center for plastic and aesthetic surgery

We have practiced for several years in Lausanne, and with several years of experience in Switzerland and abroad, Global Plastic's medical team is committed to listening to you. Together we will discuss your needs and objectives and define the steps to be taken.

The plastic surgery and aesthetic care world is vast, and more and more possibilities are offered to you in these fields. A specialist’s advice and guidance are necessary to identify the best solution for you. We are pleased to advise you and to provide you with a personalized follow-up throughout the process.

The reference center for migraine treatment in Switzerland

In addition to the specialties described above, at Global Plastic you will find internationally renowned specialists in the treatment of migraine. In fact, Dr. Scherer and Dr. Pietramaggiori were the first doctors to introduce migraine surgery in Switzerland. This minimally invasive procedure allows for the decompression of the affected peripheral nerves. In most cases, it results in a significant reduction in the intensity and frequency of migraine episodes. A preliminary evaluation is necessary to determine whether this surgery could relieve your migraines or not.


Most of the procedures we perform are outpatient. However, we do welcome international patients and have arranged for different types of accommodation near the clinic. If you need to stay in Lausanne for a few days with your family for the post-operative period, we can discuss this together.

Practical information:

Address: Avenue Jomini 8, 1004 Lausanne

Parking lot nearby: Beaulieu

Access by bus:

From Lausanne train station (2 buses possible):

  • Bus n°3: stop at Jomini
    (you have to go up the street, you are already on the avenue Jomini, the office is 1 min walk away)
  • Bus n° 21: stop at Beaulieu-Jomini
    (when you get off the bus, cross the street at the crosswalk of Avenue Jomini and walk up the street, the office is 1 minute away on foot)

Other possibility (this bus route does not include the train station):

  • Bus n°2 stop at Beaulieu-Jomini
    (this bus goes from Maladière-Lac to Désert)

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Avenue Jomini 8
1004 Lausanne


+41 (0)21 653 29 21


Monday9h-12h 14h-18h
Tuesday9h-12h 14h-18h
Wednesday9h-12h 14h-18h
Thursday9h-12h 14h-18h
Friday9h-12h 14h-18h

Disabled access
Station 10 min
Airport 50 min