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    Is ideally located in the heart of Lausanne, in the prestigious Clinique de la Source campus. Doctors welcome you for consultations as well as for the performance of various medical procedures.

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The practice is ideally located in the heart of Lausanne, in the prestigious Clinique de la Source campus. We welcome international patients and speak several languages including French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Korean.

In order to meet your needs, we provide close consultation and support to ensure that you achieve the desired results of your customized treatment.

We work with the best techniques and technologies in order to offer you the least invasive and most effective treatments, tailored to your case.

The surgeons and doctors

Dr Pietramaggiori
Dr Scherer
Dr Levy

Dr Pietramaggiori and Dr Scherer are internationally renowned specialists in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery and migraine treatment.

Authors of numerous publications and invited speakers at several congresses, they have also been awarded several prizes for their contribution to the field of plastic surgery and have filed several patents for their inventions.

The Aesthetic Clinic in Lausanne

At Global Medical Institute, you are treated by internationally renowned professionals, with the best techniques and technologies, and benefit from the least invasive and most effective treatments tailored to your needs.

Focus on our new techniques


Coolsculpting Lausanne Switzerland

Coolsculpting allows you to lose accumulated fat that is very difficult to lose through sports or dieting: fatty areas on the stomach, chest, sides and inner or outer thighs. This technology can, depending on your case, avoid surgery or at least make the intervention as light as possible. It is the only technology that guarantees results without any side effects.


Renuvion Lausanne Switzerland

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Avenue Jomini 8
1004 Lausanne


+41 (0)21 653 29 21


Monday9h-12h 14h-18h
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Discover our center specialized in migraine treatment

Migraine treatment

Internationally renowned specialists in the treatment of migraine, Dr Scherer and Dr Pietramaggiori have introduced a technique in Switzerland that has already relieved hundreds of migraine sufferers.