Frequently asked questions about the eyes in aesthetic medicine

How to rejuvenate the eye contour?

The skin around the eyes is thin and fragile. It has a tendency to crumple, and wrinkles quickly appear. In aesthetic medicine, wrinkles around the eyes are treated with hyaluronic acid and/or botulinum toxin injections. To improve the appearance of the skin, a mesolift or a peel is used.

What is the price of hyaluronic acid injections?

The price for hyaluronic acid injections starts at 590 CHF.

At what age can hyaluronic acid injections be performed?

There is no specific age at which injections can be started. Concerning the eyes, it is recommended to wait until the first wrinkles or fine lines appear. However, an intervention is possible before the first signs of aging, particularly to correct bluish or hollow rings that are not always due to age.

Who can inject hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid must be injected by a licensed physician, who has received specific training to perform injections safely, and will be able to put his experience and expertise at your service.

Which hyaluronic acid to use for dark circles?

Dark circles are a very fragile area and are treated with a low cross-linked hyaluronic acid to avoid swelling and edema. The product is injected in small quantities for a precise correction of the hollow.

What are the different types of dark circles?

Dark circles can be hollow or colored. They can take on a black, brown, bluish or purplish color.

Why do I have dark circles under my eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes are generally due to hyperpigmentation of the skin.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles can have several causes, fatigue and lack of sleep can play a role. Hollow circles are caused by skin aging, fat melting and bone recession. In some cases, dark circles can also be hereditary and therefore appear quite early. Blue or purplish dark circles are due to the thinness of the skin which allows the vessels to show through. In the case of black or brown circles, certain ethnic origins may favor hyperpigmentation of the area.

How can pigmented dark circles be treated?

Brown or black circles due to hyperpigmentation of the skin can be treated with a depigmenting peel that will lighten the area.

To treat frown lines: hyaluronic acid or Botox?

Frown lines, like other eye wrinkles, are mainly treated with botulinum toxin, although hyaluronic acid is also effective in smoothing wrinkles. The two treatments are sometimes used in a complementary manner. Hyaluronic acid can be more reassuring since it is naturally present in our body, and its effects last longer. But botulinum toxin will really relax the area, while hyaluronic acid will only fill in the furrows.

What is the price of Botox injections?

Prices for Botox injections start at 350 CHF.

What are the side effects of Botox for frown lines?

A Botox injection for frown lines can cause in rare cases a partial drooping of the upper eyelid (ptosis). This side effect can last several weeks but is always temporary.

Does Botox make it possible to have almond-shaped eyes?

Yes, when it is injected into the eyebrow, in addition to allowing the tail of the eyebrow to rise, the outer corner of the eye will also rise slightly to give an almond shape to your eyes. The dosage can be adjusted if you do not wish to change the shape of your eyes.

How do I sleep after a Botox injection?

The first three hours following a Botox injection, you should not tilt your head, and therefore you should not sleep, either on your back or on your side. It is necessary to respect this instruction to prevent the product from moving. After these few hours, the botulinum toxin is stabilized and you can sleep on your back or side again.

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