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    Deep chemical phenol peel

Deep chemical phenol peel in Lausanne

Deep chemical phenol peel in Lausanne

Useful information

Who is it for?

Anyone with wrinkled skin and deep wrinkles


Type of hospitalization


Duration of the procedure

1 to 2 hours


Type of anesthesia

Local with sedation

Duration of results



Duration of social eviction

9 days


From CHF 9800




What is the phenol deep chemical peel?

It is the application of carbonic acid with a cotton swab under anaesthetic sedation; this acid causes a complete liquefaction of the epidermis and the medium to deep dermis. The product used is phenol, which literally liquefies the aged skin to make way for new, pulpier and rejuvenated skin.


The phenol deep peel is reserved for people with significant facial skindegradation. Genetics, excessive smoking or sun exposure can lead to premature aging. Skin that is stained, wrinkled and has very deep wrinkles is difficult to treat effectively with other means. This peel allows for the lasting reduction of deep wrinkles on the face, especially around the mouth and eyes. It rejuvenates the face (10 to 15 years) as a whole without changing the expression, the face is tightened and provides a very natural lifting effect.

This peel can only be performed on people with a fair complexion and light eyes to avoid any risk of pigmented spots after the procedure.

Phenol peel: The procedure

The phenol chemical peel is performed in a single session, under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation to eliminate any pain during application. The procedure lasts 1h30 to treat the entire face. The doctor applies the acid, cleans the skin, and then applies a "protective mask" to the face.

Post-treatment period

This peel requires accompanying medication (antibiotics and antivirals).

After the session, the patient must keep a "clay mask" on the whole face for 8 days. This mask will come off spontaneously in 8 to 10 days.

The first day after the peel you will feel a sensation of heat and discomfort that is not painful.

Then, on the third day, when the powder dries, you will feel a tightening of the face that will slightly hinder chewing movements. The time may seem long until the 8th day.

For 8 days, the face remains covered and the patient generally does not leave the house.

The new skin appears quickly under the scaling or crusts but remains pink for several weeks. However, make-up can be applied from the 8th day onwards, allowing the patient to resume social and professional life.

Following a chemical peel with phenol, the skin remains red-pink for 3 to 6 months. Sun exposure, on the other hand, will remain strictly forbidden for 6 months. After that, the skin can be exposed normally.


The results of the peel are permanent. The new skin regains all the characteristics of young skin: elasticity, tone, hydration, radiance, fine skin texture, pigment uniformity. Even if sun exposure can be resumed after 6 months, the skin will always remain more sensitive to the sun.

Risks and side effects

The side effects of a chemical peel with phenol are rare. The possible risks are permanent depigmentation, burns, infections - since the dermis has disappeared and no longer protects during the recovery phase, or finally poor healing.

During your appointment, the doctor will explain all the possible risks and complications related to this procedure. It is only after having discussed with the doctor that you will have all the elements to make your decision.

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