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Facial surgery in Lausanne (Switzerland)

The age-related marks on the face are part of our history and make us unique.

Facial surgery is an act that should not eliminate our uniqueness and make us all look the same.

On the contrary, at Global Medical Institute, facial surgery is designed to highlight our unique beauty.

The signs of time can make us look tired: dark ring circles, eyebrows...

When the eyebrows come down over the eyes, the eyes immediately look heavy and tired. A small surgery called an eyebrow lift can lift the lateral part of the eyebrows by a few millimeters and thus open the eyes in a discreet and natural way.

Over time, an excess of skin can form on the upper eyelids, which can cause the eyelids to droop and give the eyes a heavy and tired look.

This can have a real consequence on our vision, indeed, this excess of skin at upper eyelids the level becomes a real disease taken, which is covered by insurance.

Minor surgery, known as blepharoplasty, permanently transforms heavy-looking eyes into open and bright ones.

This heavy look also concerns the lower eyelid, which can be shaped like a heavy bursa, or like a black or dark trace aka tear trough called the valley of tears, or then again skin can be wrinkled and drooping. All of these changes can be corrected with a minor lower eyelid surgery: lower blepharoplasty.

Brow lift and blepharoplasty surgeries are minimally invasive and can be done together or separately to give a fresh look to the eyes and gaze.

Time can causethe shape and definition of our face oval to sag. Cheeks, skin and fat fall down and form a wrinkle between the nose and the corner of the mouth.

The jawline can also lose some of its definition due to facial sagging and the formation of lower cheeks and marionette lines between the mouth and jaw.

In the neck, muscles relax and there is a slight loss of distinction between the mandible and the neck. Some fat may appear under the chin. The loss of definition in the shape of the face and neck makes it look less aesthetically pleasing and is one of the changes that can be well addressed by your expert surgeon at Global Medical Institute.

Your expert surgeon at Global Medical Institute can offer you a variety of ways to correct that sagging look on your face.

Depending on your age, general situation and wishes, different options are available:

Neck lift and face lift are minimally invasive techniques that use plasma energy to tighten and regenerate the skin. This technique is called Renuvion and it provides excellent results with tiny, invisible scars.

Lip lifts are also a minimally invasive technique. This procedure gives lips that have wrinkles and are elongated due to aging a fresh, natural and youthful appearance.

Finally, a full face with luminous skin can be achieved by fat transfer: your expert surgeon at Global Medical Institute can transfer fat from one part of the body to another, a procedure called facial lipofilling. If you have, for example, excess fat on your body, stomach, flanks, thighs or legs, your surgeon can combine a liposuccion with facial lipofilling to restore volume to a sagging face. This combination multiplies the benefits of fat removal in localized deposits, using lipofilling to rejuvenate, refresh and restore volume to the face.

Your expert surgeon at Global Medical Institute can evaluate and modify the shape of your ears through a technique called otoplasty. Loose ears can be corrected by a small surgery with invisible scars.

The nose also plays a very important role in the face. A procedure called rhinoplasty can correct features like a nose bump or tip. Rhinoplasty can also be done using minimally invasive techniques that you can discuss with your expert surgeon at Global Medical Institute.

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