• Rhinoplasty in Switzerland


Rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Lausanne

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Lausanne

Useful information

Who is it for?

Rhinoplasty is for people who want to change the appearance of their nose. It can correct the shape, imperfections, disproportions or deviation of the tip or dorsum of the nose.


Type of hospitalization


Duration of the procedure

1 to 3 hours depending on the case.


Type of anesthesia


Duration of results



Duration of social eviction

5 to 14 days


From CHF 9000




What is rhinoplasty?

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty aims to harmonize the shape of the nose with the face. This procedure can correct aspects of the nose such as its width, length, tip, the presence of a bump or a deviation.

Indications for rhinoplasty

Rhinoplastyimproves the aesthetics of the nose while giving it a shape adapted to the face. If your nose has a bump, if the size of the tip is not harmonious with your face or if it presents another unsightly characteristic, rhinoplasty can help you correct these imperfections.

During the first appointment, the doctor will evaluate the solution best suited to your needs.

A healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet and quitting smoking at least one month before the procedure will contribute to a smooth procedure and a good recovery.

Rhinoplasty: the procedure

Rhinoplasty is an operation that can last between 1 and 3 hours. It is performed under generalanesthesia. Incisions are made inside the nostrils and sometimes under the tip of the nose. These incisions will let the doctor reposition and modify the bones and cartilages that causedthe imperfections.

Post-operative period

The operation is ambulatory.

At the end of the operation, a plaster cast and a bandage are placed on the nose to protect it. Some of the sutures are self absorbing and others will have to be removed a week later at the same time as the plaster.

For the first few days after the procedure, you will have to breathe through your mouth andsleep with your head elevated. Your nose will be swollen and this may give you a feeling of ablocked nose. This swelling will gradually decrease over the weeks. Bruises may also appear; they will disappear within two weeks following the operation.

You will be able to resume your professional activity about ten days after the operation, and sports one month later.

Results of rhinoplasty

At first the operated area will be quite swollen, for this reason the first glimpse of the result isvisible only 1 to 3 months after the operation. It will be necessary to wait between 6 and 12months to appreciate the final result.

It is possible to make a 3D simulation of your rhinoplasty.

Risks of cosmetic nose surgery

During your appointment, the doctor will explain all the possible risks and complications related to this procedure. It is only after you have spoken with the doctor that you will have all the elements to make your decision.

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