• Full face CO2 laser and fractional CO2 Switzerland

    Full face CO2 laser and fractional CO2 laser

Full face CO2 laser and fractional CO2 laser in Lausanne

Full face CO2 laser and fractional CO2 laser in Lausanne

Useful information

Who is it for?

For people wishing to get rid of facial wrinkles, smooth the skin, treat micro wrinkles on fair skin or superficial scars



From CHF 3500

Duration of the procedure

30 to 60 min (one session may be sufficient depending on the case)


Duration of social eviction

5 to 8 days

Duration of results

5 years


Duration of social eviction

5 to 8 days

What is the CO2 laser?

The CO2 laser emits a beam that allows the precise destruction of certain skin structures. Its high controllable ablative power is suitable for the treatment of both deep wrinkles and loss of elasticity of the facial skin. The CO2 laser is used in 2 modes: fractional and full face.

The indications

“Full face laser or laser skin resurfacing”

The CO2 laser treatment of wrinkles, called "full face laser resurfacing", is performed in a single session. It is adapted to wrinkles on the eyelids and around the mouth. Performed by a specialist, this procedure makes it possible to recover a toned and rejuvenated skin.

“Fractional laser”

The CO2 laser in fractional mode is a gradual procedure that requires several sessions. It stimulates the fibroblasts of the dermis to regenerate aged or sun-damaged skin. It is used for more superficial skin rejuvenation and allows for a gradual treatment with lighter after-effects. With this laser, the skin recovers more quickly. However, it is less effective than the Full face CO2 laser even with repeated sessions.

It is a minimally invasive treatment.

It is indicated on all types of skin.

The procedure

The passage of the CO2 laser on the skin causes an epidermal abrasion with a controlled thermal effect on the dermis. The heat released by the laser on the skin contracts and regenerates the dermis. This produces a progressive tightening effect over a period of 6 months.

Depending on the surface treated, local anesthesia with or without sedation is used, always associated with cold air pulsation. It is also possible to apply an analgesic cream on the area to be treated before the beginning of the session for a better comfort.

For the fractional CO2 laser method, although results can be observed from the first session, 3 sessions are recommended for moderate wrinkles, and 5 sessions in case of acne after-effects or very sun-damaged skin.

Sessions are held once a month, outside of any sun exposure, to allow the skin to regenerate.

Post-treatment period

Recovery is rapid and the social eviction short (4 days).

The skin can keep a rosy complexion for 5 to 7 days in fractional method and up to 8 weeks in full face method.

In fractional CO2 laser mode, the inflammation is slight and disappears in a few days. You can wash yourself from the 5th day and it is recommended to apply a fatty healing cream and then a moisturizing cream regularly, and a high sun protection factor, twice a day (at 10 am and at 1 pm).


“Fractional laser” method

From the first session, several improvements can be noted:

  • Improvement of the skin texture.
  • Decrease in pore size.
  • Reduction of spots.
  • Reduction of wrinkles around the eyes and improvement of acne scars.
  • Improvement of surgical scars and stretch marks.

We also note a first rapid improvement in the 15 days to 3 weeks post-procedure and then, more gradually, an improvement in the 6 months following the treatment with a re-tensioning of the skin, a decrease in a certain percentage of wrinkles or acne scars.

Immediately after healing, the skin is softer, brighter, more even, with a more uniform complexion.

Fractional CO2 Laser treatment is a safe and effective rejuvenation procedure that treats wrinkles, restores firmness and suppleness to the skin.

“Full face laser or laser skin resurfacing” method

For the full-face method, a single session is sufficient to obtain the desired results. A social exclusion of 8 days is to be expected.

Risks and side effects

During your appointment, the doctor will explain all the possible risks and complications related to this procedure.

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