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Migraine Surgery; the Best Solution for Temporal and Occipital Neuralgia

Are you a person who is suffering from throbbing headaches very often? Headaches are not only very hard to withstand but also leaves you very tired and often uncapable to work and live your life. They can occur due to excessive stress or if you are a migraine patient or if you are suffering from Occipital Neuralgia or Temporal headaches. Migraines will cease to respond to medication if it is a powerful form of refractory headache. This is where the modern society has adopted the migraine surgery as the best solution for migraine. You can test if you are fit [...]

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What You Need to Know about Surgery for Joint Pain

Bones and ligaments are not the only parts of the body that is damaged by sports injuries, surgeries, and accidents. Small peripheral nerves can also be traumatized and lead to chronic joint pain. The best way to treat it is through peripheral nerve surgery.   Peripheral nervous system is composed of nerves that are found outside the spinal cord and the brain. They are the nerves in the legs, arms, face & head, abdomen and the chest. Damage to the peripheral nerves near the joints can head to chronic pain that can be hard to diagnose at first.   Who [...]

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Global Surgery Presents the “Swiss Nerve Institute”

After hosting second edition of the international course "advances and best practices in upper extremity nerve repair" , drs. Pietramaggiori & Scherer are proud to announce the creation of the "SWISS NERVE INSTITUTE". Surgeons from more than 10 nations attended the Lausanne nerve course to learn the newest techniques of nerve reconstruction from a world renown faculty including drs. Pietramaggiori and Scherer and other surgeons from Barcellona, Spain, and the US. The Swiss Nerve Institute has been created to provide the patients with peripheral nerve problems such as migraine headaches and chronic joint pain with the best solutions to improve [...]