Project Description

Peripheral nerve pain – Pain Control Surgery



Peripheral nerve surgery or pain control surgery is a surgical approach to decrease the intensity, frequency and duration of uncontrolled chronic pain due to compression or lesion of peripheral nerves.



If your chronic pain is not under control by drugs or other less-invasive approaches and highly affects your quality of life and work performance, you might be a candidate for peripheral nerve surgery.

Whether your pain started after a trauma or surgery, is related to a chronic disease such as diabetes or aroused spontaneously, or it is located in an amputation stump (phantom limb pain) you might be a candidate for peripheral nerve surgery.

Typical pain conditions that can be treated with peripheral nerve surgery are chronic joint pain, pain in amputation stumps (phantom limb pain) and pain across the entire body after trauma or surgery.

Chronic back pain (such as from a herniated disk) is not addressed by our team of surgeons at Global Plastic Surgery.



After a first assessment of your peripheral nervous system and exclusion of other possible sources of intractable pain (for example mechanical or structural lesions) a test procedure will be performed to assess your eligibility for surgery.

If the results of the tests are positive you will be considered eligible.

The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia in an outpatient (ambulatory) or hospital setting.

Incisions across the body allow your team of surgeons at Global Plastic Surgery to expose the nerves responsible for your pain and treat them appropriately with microsurgical techniques.


Down Time

After the operation a dressing will be placed on the incision site for 2 to 3 weeks time and an elastic garment will be provided to you to assist you with healing and swelling control. For a period of 2-3 weeks you will be required to limit your walking and standing position to allow for the healing of the nerves in the correct position.

At Global Plastic Surgery, there will be no need for stich removal.




Results, in terms of reduction of pain intensity, frequency and duration are rapidly evident. A first assessment is generally set at the three-month follow up time. Improvement in pain control is permanent.



At Global Plastic Surgery all possible risks and complications will be extensively discussed with you prior the operation date. After the extensive discussions with your surgeon, you will decide whether the potential risks, benefits and potential complications are acceptable to you.