Are you a person who is suffering from throbbing headaches very often? Headaches are not only very hard to withstand but also leaves you very tired and often uncapable to work and live your life. They can occur due to excessive stress or if you are a migraine patient or if you are suffering from Occipital Neuralgia or Temporal headaches. Migraines will cease to respond to medication if it is a powerful form of refractory headache. This is where the modern society has adopted the migraine surgery as the best solution for migraine. You can test if you are fit enough for surgery through Botulinum Toxin tests.


What Causes Temporal migraine, occipital migraine and migraine headaches?


Headaches, in general, can occur due to many reasons while some tend to pose serious threats. Pain caused in the temple region is identified as a temporal headache. The most common cause is anxiety, tension, and pressure that cause your muscles to contract and cause headaches. Occipital Neuralgia is a type of chronic headache which is identified as another major cause of headaches. This is a serious form of headaches which causes a very sharp pain in the back of the head or behind the eyes and can be triggered even by pulling a strand of hair.


On the other hand, temporal headaches and Occipital Neuralgia are severe forms of migraine which can worsen due to certain conditions like bright lighting, excessive noise, etc. The problem here is that certain medications tend to stop providing relief for these after a certain period. On the other hand, overuse of some pills prescribed by doctors for the worse type of migraines can cause severe side effects later in life including headaches themselves. This is where you should seek the help of specialists who are experienced in performing migraine surgery to seek relief from severe temporal headaches, occipital headaches and migraines.

What Is the Best Solution for Severe Temporal migraine, occipital migraine and migraine headaches?

In the case of serious chronic headaches like Occipital Neuralgia, temporal headaches or migraine pains, patients become almost incurable by available drugs. This is where you should seek relief from migraine surgery which will permanently relief your headache pain. In order to perform a successful surgery to cure migraines, it is crucial to select highly experienced doctors who have been engaged in this field since multiple years like at Global Plastic Surgery. Only trusted and well-reputed institutions and specialized doctors are authorized to conduct these minimally invasive surgeries.


The surgery is not performed on all the patients who wish to undergo it. First, they undergo a series of tests including Botulinum Toxin and wait for results. If the patient responds positively, then the migraine surgery is carried out. This Botulinum Toxin injections will predict the efficacy of the surgery. Thereafter, only highly specialized doctors will perform after botox tests a minimally invasive surgery on the head which leaves minimal to no visible scars.


Therefore, if you are suffering from chronic temporal headaches or Occipital Neuralgia, stop using heavy dosed medicine with severe side effects if your life quality is not acceptable. The migraine surgery has proven to be the ideal solution which will get you back on feet within a short period of time. All the patients who have gone through this surgery are able to go to work within just one to two weeks. Therefore, identify the root causes of the headaches you are experiencing and find the best method to eliminate it. So, seek the help of a trusted institute like Global Plastic Surgery to undergo a successful migraine surgery.