After hosting second edition of the international course “advances and best practices in upper extremity nerve repair” , drs. Pietramaggiori & Scherer are proud to announce the creation of the “SWISS NERVE INSTITUTE”. Surgeons from more than 10 nations attended the Lausanne nerve course to learn the newest techniques of nerve reconstruction from a world renown faculty including drs. Pietramaggiori and Scherer and other surgeons from Barcellona, Spain, and the US.

The Swiss Nerve Institute has been created to provide the patients with peripheral nerve problems such as migraine headaches and chronic joint pain with the best solutions to improve their quality of life.

Nerve reconstruction , nerve decompression to relieve headaches, removal of painful nerves after after traumatic injury are among the specialized surgical activities that are provided at the Swiss Nerve Institute.

Fostering knowledge in nerve repair and reconstruction is the other mission of the Swiss Nerve Institute and drs. Pietramaggiori & Scherer who will continue to visit the best centers of nerve surgery to bring to Switzerland the best techniques from around the world.