The impressive Private Clinique de La Source is the headquarter of the Global Plastic Surgery where Dr. Pietramaggiori and Dr. Scherer perform operations and consultations. The office is located within the campus of La Source Clinic in the heart of Lausanne, avenue de Jomini 8, 1004 Lausanne. It is easily reachable by car (parking Beaulieu, just across the street) or by public transportation (bus N. 2 stop Beaulieu-jomini). The operations are performed by the Global Plastic Surgery Team in the hospital main building (avenue de Vinet 30), a fully equipped private hospital with state of the art operation rooms and intensive care unit.

The Global Plastic surgery team is also present at the clinique de Montchoisi, Chemin des Allinges 10, 1006 Lausanne, in the heart of Lausanne easily accessible by public transportation (bus n. 4 and 8, stop Montchisi) or by car (parking in the clinic). The global plastic surgery team is attracting an increasing number of international patients who can profit of the state of the art facility and the unique location of Montchoisi.


Procedure Room

In the Global Plastic and Migraine Surgery office, there is a fully equipped procedure room, where Drs. Pietramaggiori and Scherer perform several minimally invasive procedures under local anesthesia such as the tests for migraine surgery and pain control surgery.


The majority of our procedures are minimally invasive and thus after the surgery you will be able to leave the clinic. Since at Global Plastic and Migraine Surgery we welcome patients from around the world, we have organized for our patients and their families several accommodation options to meet their needs, while staying in close proximity to our facilities during the post operatory days.


Global Plastic & Migraine Surgery offers you personal solutions for your aesthetic & pain challenges.

Our mission is to bring you the best techniques and technologies to enhance your natural beauty, help you to age harmoniously and decrease your pain.

Patients across the world appreciate that at Global Plastic & Migraine Surgery we dedicate time to understand your issues and find you the most personalized solution.

At Global Plastic & Migraine Surgery we have a global approach focused on your satisfaction, whether you need surgery, non-surgical treatments, or counseling about diet and lifestyle.

As medical & surgical sciences are continuously evolving, Global Plastic & Migraine Surgery is a college where we constantly share our knowledge with experts around to world to provide you with the best treatment available around the world.

Global Plastic & Migraine Surgery has global solutions to enhance your beauty.


At Global Plastic Surgery we commit to see each new patient addressed by a doctor within two week time from the first contact.